Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Daughters of St. Paul visit Cereal City USA!

Sooo I am officially a postulant with the Daughters of St. Paul starting this September!!! I only have $9,000 more to raise before June 30th and I will have met my $45,000 goal! This is going to be a great summer- it already is.

I wanted to share with you some of the images from my recent visit with the daughters of St. Paul. Sr. Helena and Sr. Margaret Michael came to Cereal City USA, Battle Creek, MI to meet my family June 4-6. We had a blast with the sisters! 

Some of my siblings, some of their spouses, my mother, grandmother and Sr. Helena and Sr. Margaret Michael

I told them upon arrival that my family really likes to talk and that most of our time together will revolve around meals and talking! 

I think at this moment Sr. Helena and the fam are in an in-depth conversation about the recent film "Warm Bodies" .

We also enjoyed a great bit of Wiffel Ball and Red Rover. Of which I wish I could share images of, but my camera was stolen just last week and I hadn't downloaded the images off of it yet. Sooo I can't share the evidence of such hilarious fun with you as I had hoped. You'll just have to believe me when I say that my nieces and nephews with ages ranging from 3-13 all enjoyed sending "Sr. Margaret Michael right over" and "Sr. Helena right over" and then "Sr. Michael right over"...etc. So for all of our sitting, eating and chatting- the little Lussier's made sure the sisters didn't miss out on their exercise :) There is just something so "New Evangelization" about Nuns joining in on a classic game of Red Rover.

My mother Cathy, Sr. Margaret Michael, Sr. Helena Burns, Me :) and my father Tony outside of Dotties Cafe a Battle Creek "greasy spoon" classic and one of the best breakfasts in town. Nothing beats the locals you meet at Dotties! I love it and Dotties loved the DSP!
To help me reach my goal by June 30th please consider making a donation HERE :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

15 donations needed to hit halfway mark!

Only 15 Donations needed to reach the halfway goal!!!!

Click here to make it 14 Donations needed to reach the halfway!!

Support vocations this Mothers Day!

Ashdon Farms, a gourmet snack products distributor, has reached out to support vocations in a BIG way. Five different treats and each for $5. $4 of the 5 goes to The Laboure Society!!! Check it out! This fundraiser if successful will raise $8,500 for vocations in 30 days!!! Help us sell out :) by spreading the word to Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Ann Arbor Residents. Or you can contact me to buy or sell them personally in your area. God bless you and Thank you for all of your prayers and support we have now raised $15,590 for vocations so far!!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Submit your prayer requests and pray to these holy founders of the Pauline Family!!

Here is a great link to a powerful prayer of intercession from the founders of the Daughters of St. Paul from a Pauline Cooperative Community Prayer request blog :)  Prayer through the intercession of Blessed James Alberione

Lord, glorify Blessed James Alberione 
in Your Church.
Let him be for all of us light.
Guide and support the work of 
our sanctification and in our apostolate.
Open the way for evangelisation 
so that the presence of Jesus Master, 
the Way, the Truth and the Life 
may shine on the world through Mary, 
Mother and Queen of the Apostles. 
Grant me the grace I am praying for….(Mention your petition) 

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be….

Jesus Master, the Way, the Truth and the Life, have mercy on us.
Mary, Queen of the Apostles, pray for us.
Saint Paul the Apostle, pray for us
From all sin, deliver us O Lord.

Prayer through the intercession of Sister Thecla Merlo

Most holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 
We thank You for having, created,redeemed and sanctified 
Your humble and faithful servant, 
Sister Thecla Merlo and for having constituted 
her Mother and Co-Foundress of the 
Daughters of St. Paul who are consecrated to the 
apostolate of the Mass Media of Communication.

Deign now to glorify her even here on earth, 
granting us, through her intercession the grace 
we ask of You….(Mention your petition)

O Mary, Mother, Teacher and Queen of the Apostles, 
support our plea with your maternal intercession. Amen.

Glory be….Hail Mary…..

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beautiful ladies, brides of the Risen Lord and Easter Joy like you have never seen!

Aren't they beautiful!!! Look at all that Easter joy!

I am still soaking in all of the incredible graces of an amazing two a a half weeks with the Daughters of St. paul in Alexandria, VA. It's such a gift and so affirming to get to be around the Sisters, of whom I share a heart for humanity. I really am getting to see how I am already being given the opportunity to live out this calling by sharing the Gospel and helping others encounter Jesus through the arts and communications of today. It's awesome thank you sweet Jesus. I finished the Divine Mercy Novena last night at a festival of praise and adoration. I was lifting each of you in prayer and asking God to soak you in His ocean of Mercy. He is blessing us in a big way friends and in a special way I felt His great joy and gratitude for those who bring weary, lost or sick souls to Him. So thank you those who a serving as bridges of Mercy for others. Keep on keeping on God is with you!!!

Greatest peace friends. 

Here's an update:
We are $38 from hitting $12,000 tonight, which is exciting!!! Thank you again for all of your generosity. Click the image to donate.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cookies & Nuns before and after the Resurrection :) He is Risen He is Risen Indeed!

He is Risen He is Risen indeed!!! 

Our celebration Resurrection party!!

and the preparations ...

Chicago's NPR (WBEZ) a story on Daughters of St. Paul: "Nuns Help Others Find the Humanity in Technology"

Chicago's NPR (WBEZ) a story on Daughters of St. Paul: "Nuns Help Others Find the Humanity in Technology" 

An interview with Sr. Helena on the Daughters of St. Paul and I have a short nasaly bit in there also ;) 

Blessed Easter everyone!!!!!!

Read the article here.

Listen here: